Campaign makes your website operate more intelligently. It creates a profile of each visitor which you can then use to target them appropriately and to test their response. Campaign makes A/B testing, targeting and content personalisation simple and straightforward.

Slipping into your website with minimal fuss, Campaign can be up and running in minutes, without significant technical resource. Simply insert the pre-configured Cognesia tags onto the pages you want to influence, select your media creatives, and create a campaign.

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  • Fast campaign setup process for media and dynamic creative deployment personalised around customer behaviour
  • Plan and deploy one-off, recurring or triggered campaigns across a variety of media (mail, email, web and SMS)
    Inbuilt budget functionality scalable for all volumes supported by transparent cost calculator
  • email campaign graphicsMedia hierarchy defined by audience segmentation
  • Easily integrated with third-party platforms e.g. email providers
  • Embedded product recommendation engine based on customer behaviour to remarked, upset and cross-sell
  • Built-in real-time marketing attribution reporting to demonstrate true campaign ROI creating fully optimised campaigns
  • Integrated data management feature

    View our Trigger Based Marketing infographic
    View our Trigger Based Marketing infographic
  • Securely stored personal customer data, located according to your preferences
  • Multi account and user administration providing flexibility, protection and control
  • Self-serve or fully managed service, adaptable to the needs of your business, including 24/7 support.

To find out more about how Campaign can deliver programmatic trigger-based mail, register your interest below.

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